Jun 05

Dragon Ball Z Live Action: Artificial Humans 17 & 18

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RobotUnderdog releases their 6th photo of the 7 series set and is beginning to gear up for the Live Action Video project. At this point we can heavily speculate that they will be doing this project based on the Alternate Universe where Future Trunks and Future Gohan battle the Androids (Artificial Humans) 17 &18.

Dragon Ball Z Live Action Artificial Humans 18 and 17



Artificial Humans 17 & 18

Two teenagers kidnapped – Twins: One boy, one girl.

A scientist seeks perfection & technology transforms the body – But the human heart remains. Want to have some fun?

While we have not yet seen a photo of Trunks, the photos of Gohan as well as revealing the Androids paints a pretty clear picture of what we can expect. RobotUnderdog has 1 more photo release left before they unveil the plans for their video project.


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