Jul 07

Battle of Gods Petition **Must Read**

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For those of you that do not know, we at Dragon Ball Insider currently hold the LARGEST petition in hopes that FUNimation digs into their pockets and purchases the rights to dub Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. This petition currently has over 25,000 supporters and continues to grow.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the first Dragon Ball movie in 17 years to have a theatrical release. Battle of Gods is also the first-EVER Japanese film to be screened at IMAX Digital Theaters. In the United States, FUNimation is the American television and film production company responsible for the English Dubbed version of the Dragon Ball Franchise. Unfortunately, FUNimation has no current intentions of purchasing the rights to the film, enabling them to do an English Dub for this movie. We at Dragon Ball Insider came up with a Battle of Gods Petition to show FUNimation that there is still a large enough fan base for them to benefit financially if the rights to the film were to be purchased. We know this petition alone is not enough for a guaranteed English Dub, so we at Dragon Ball Insider advised the Dragon Ball Z community to actively purchase the latest DBZ merchandise, allowing FUNi to gain the necessary capital to purchase the rights.

I started this petition knowing fully that this alone would not be enough to get an English dub.  Many people argue that petitions do not do anything. I beg to differ, and this is why:

On May 23, 2013 Diamond Films Mexico announced that they will be screening the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film across Latin America.

Along with this announcement was this statement:

Muchas gracias a todos por sus comentarios acerca de la película “Dragon Ball Z: La batalla de los dioses”. Queremos informarles que su petición del doblaje con las voces originales ya fue notificado a los directores de esta distribuidora a nivel LATAM.

Apenas recibimos la notificación de la distribución de la película, muy pronto empezaremos a origizarnos con todas las peticiones que hemos recibido.

En cuanto tengamos información confirmada, se las haremos saber en nuestras redes sociales.

Thanks to Kanzenshuu, we now have the translation (modified for accuracy by us):

Thank you very much to everyone for your comments regarding the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods”. We would like to inform you that your petition for a dub with the original voices has been notified to the directors of this distribution throughout Latin America.

As soon as we receive notification of the distribution of this film, we will then begin to organize all the petitions that we’ve received.

Once we have confirmed information, we will keep you posted through our social networks.

That being said, PETITIONS DO HELP AND DO HAVE AN IMPACT. Regardless of whether or not the reason Diamond Films had prior intentions to do so, the petition has proved successful to capture the attention of the officials. I believe that FUNimation DOES have the funds in order to purchase the rights to the film (Due to the fact that they found a way to purchase the rights to Ghost in the Shell: Arise).

Hopefully this gets heard.  Please sign in support of this.